Prof. Marian Bartlett

Prof. Marian Bartlett, Research Scientist at Apple

Marian Bartlett is a Research Scientist at Apple studying machine learning of sensor data on mobile devices for health. Prior to joining Apple, she was Co-Founder of Emotient, a start-up for facial expression recognition, and Full Research Professor at the University of California San Diego. At UCSD, she studied machine learning and computer vision, with application to face recognition and expression analysis, and she co-directed the Machine Perception Lab at the Institute for Neural Computation. She received her undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Middlebury College and her Ph.D. in Cognitive Science and Psychology from UCSD. Dr. Bartlett authored over 80 articles in scientific journals and peer reviewed conference proceedings, and has 5 patents. Her book, Face Image Analysis by Unsupervised Learning, describes her work applying principles of information theory to face recognition with Terry Sejnowski at the Salk Institute. She collaborated with Paul Ekman and Javier Movellan to automate the Facial Action Coding System and develop applications of this technology in healthcare and education. Dr. Bartlett was selected to the 2016 Wired Next List, and received the Women who mean Business Award from the San Diego Business Journal in 2014. She has served on the Board of the Neural Information Processing Systems conference since 2007.